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Our Motto: Personalizing Education for Student Success

  • CORE is a public Personalized Learning charter school, supporting families who home-school their children. A personalized educational program is designed for each student. There is no cost to attend our school.
  • CORETCA Student Support
  • Families are assigned to a credentialed teacher who provides constant direction for the parent/student/teacher team. This credentialed teacher assists the parent in the selection of curriculum from a vast array of state standards aligned texts, appropriate for each child's level in each subject area, and then guides the parent throughout the year. Parents take the role of the primary educator of their own child. It is a challenging, exciting, rewarding task.

Personalizing Education for Student Success in the 21st Century

  • Some sites offer small group classes. Elementary classes focus primarily on language arts and math. Elementary field trips focus on science and social studies.
  • High school students are offered a number of academic support and enrichment classes. ROP, junior college concurrent enrollment, and community instruction are all attractive components of our high school program.
  • All students are given opportunities to extend learning through parents' own creativity and exploration. The program affords an enormous amount of freedom to visit places and attend events interesting and valuable to the student, including field trips assemblies, and school fairs.
  • In addition, CORE works with parents to receive instruction from approved vendors in the community. These range from karate lessons to ceramics, tutoring in specific subjects, etc. A portion of a budget is reserved for both enrichment and academic tutoring.

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Student Testimonials


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